Monday, October 22, 2012

A Swamp Full of Gypsies!

It's Halloween season & we are all about swamps and gypsies! Here is an installation we completed over the weekend. We took over an entire building and transformed it into a swamp with a band of ghostly gypsies who have crawled out from the deep depths of the swap forest to gather for a bit of a family reunion! Mischief, magic, gators & snakes!

Several gypsy caravan camps were set throughout the building, accented with exotic textiles, musical instruments, chickens, vintage trunks & barrels, spices, clothes lines & wash tubs!

Stairwells were completely "swampified" with long tattered greenery, moss ribbons, spying crows and owls, and spooky vignettes. Each of the three main stairwells had a swamp scene underneath full of curiosities. Two gypsy souls playing with a Ouija board & tarot cards, the swamp grave yard, and the alligator's layer! Spooky twisted branches also lined the halls with dozens of soaring crows!

Lastly, a grand swamp photo-op was set for guests to get in on the action!. An antique mirror frame was surrounded by trunks, birds, gypsy magic, and another gator!

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