Monday, October 31, 2011

Get Hitched Give Hope 2011

We partnered with Get Hitched Give Hope this year to make the event extra flashy with a touch of PJ for a good cause. GHGH is a organization that raises money for carefully chosen charities,throwing a yearly event where brides can shop for wedding services and products.

This year we debuted our over sized birdcages with crystal chandeliers inside, they were stunning entry pieces. We draped the main entrance, created a lovely stage treatment with a satin canopy - diamond bead drape and wrought iron branches, and let florists go nuts with out 14' tall metal trees. PJ Hummel & Company showcased more in a side room with out glow bars and favorite furniture pieces.

The event was a great success for the organization, and we wish them well!

Images 5 & 8 from GHGH's blog

Friday, October 21, 2011

Twilight Zone

Here's a Twilight Zone themed benefit for The KCMS Foundation from this past week. Guests entered the space through holographic drape and were met by two of our famous glow bars with a giant crystal chandelier in the middle. The cavernous room was divided into two main spaces with a wall of alternating diamond beaded drape & white satin. The cocktail side was airy in all white lit in blue. And the dinning side was dark with black satin drape that had purple up-lighting!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Museum of Natural Mystery - Episode 1

Welcome to The Museum of Natural Mystery, an evolving month long installation. We brought in an ancient exhibit, and throughout the month things start to change for the supernatural side! Keep checking back to see what happens next!

Episode 1:

A magical exhibit from the “Museum of Natural Mystery” has just arrived! Installation of the exhibits began in mid October and will culminate on the night of Halloween with a special costume party called “A Night at the Museum.”

As the story goes, an Egyptian tomb was discovered and brought to campus to showcase the curiosity of this ancient world. The exhibit arrived in crates & as the weeks go on, things begin to change as a spell takes hold.

The excavators and moving team have stirred up much more trouble than they had bargained for! Tune in throughout the month to see what happens next!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Peacock Passion, Indian Wedding Reception

Here's a peacock inspired Indian wedding reception we did this summer for 600 guests at The Seattle Center Expo Hall! Our inspiration came from the charm and elegance of peacock feathers. The passionate energy of jewel tones adorned the reception with a touch of luxury and whimsy. Beautiful floral arrangements including purple/blue hydrangeas, deep pink and purple roses, mums, & peacock feathers were be placed on 26” tall silver candlesticks and were our main showstopping centerpieces. We also had 30” tall wild wire candelabras with mirror ornaments and silver beaded lamps on mirrors and surrounded by fresh flower petals as additional centerpieces. The 60 tables were dressed in alternating navy and turquoise crush overlay linens, and every chair had a hand-tied teal sash with a peacock feather in the center.

Guests entered the event space under two 14' tall canopies in plum colored satin drape. The cavernous expo hall was also made more intimate by 18' satin arches between columns. And large gobo projections of elegant swirls brought texture to the space, as well as dressed up the ceiling a bit.

All photos in this post c/o Streamside Photography :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Northwest Event Show ~ B&E 2011!

This week, PJHC made it's yearly pilgrimage to the the Northwest Banquet & Event Show. This is one of our favorite projects of the year, because we get to be the client! It's all about showing off our favorite things. We always help sponsor the show, providing decor for the registration area and attendee lounge, in exchange for the freedom to do something crazy in our booth.

This year's theme: Indian Indulgence, and our swing was back by popular demand! Our booth was a hit and won the award for Best Booth Overall! Many thanks to the Northwest Event Show for making this all possible!

Here are a few of our favorite photos:

Rachel Hall enjoying our swing

And the ladies of PJ Hummel & Co: Yuzu Nelson, Kelsey Huggins, PJ Hummel, Jamie Cordero, and Larissa Crawford.