Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Trend: Metallic! New Linens

We are all about metallics this year! We think that disco parties will be in high demand. One of our favorite holiday parties coming up is called, "Make new friends but keep the old, one is SILVER & the other GOLD!" The reception will be decorated floor to ceiling in metallic gold, followed by a reveal into the main ballroom which will be draped and decorated all in silver holographic. We can hardly wait to see it. There will be photos to share later!

To gear up for the coming year, we have FOUR new linens in our inventory! PJ Hummel & Company is the first in the area to have 90"x90" Sequined Crochet linens (and they are divine!).

•Graphite Crush
•Silver Sequined Crochet
•Gold Sequined Crochet
•Silver Eyelash

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Holiday Spirit!

Happy holidays everyone, we are going into the busiest season we've ever had! We'll have LOTS to share this January! :)

Here's a holiday installation for December we just did featuring our 14' tall feather trees! Every branch has been wrapped in white boas and lights, magical! We also filled the halls with over-sized white garland, snowflakes dangling from the ceiling, and fun winter photo-op station.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Museum of Natural Mystery - Episode 2

See Episode 1 here

Episode 2:
PJ Hummel & Company does a haunted fun-house for halloween!

A magical exhibit from the “Museum of Natural Mystery” has just arrived! Installation of the exhibits began in mid October and will culminate on the night of Halloween with a special costume party called “A Night at the Museum.”

As the story goes, an Egyptian tomb was discovered and brought to campus to showcase the curiosity of this ancient world. The exhibit arrived in crates & as the weeks went on, things begin to change as a spell took hold.

The excavators and moving team have stirred up much more trouble than they had bargained for! A ghostly spell has been unleashed on the rest of the museum!