Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to turn a concert venue into a Speakeasy!

Here is an opulent art-deco speakeasy theme at Showbox Sodo here in Seattle. Guests entered through a traditional “backdoor-hidden” archway with authentic old whiskey bottles and barrels.

Once inside, the main stage was decked out in Egyptian flair with teal and metallic gold drapery against a vintage backdrop. Large cream columns were set to each side, each topped with teal & gold bands and large gilded palm leaves bursting from the tops!

The intimate Deco Dance Lounge was raised on a platform and detailed in hues of copper and tiffany blue with iridescent sheep drapery, vintage Persian rugs, decorative throw pillows, decadent wainscoting, and touches of orchids.

Enveloped in velvet, VIP guests enjoyed lounging on vintage furniture under a canopy of striped sheer burgundy and black satin drapery. Underfoot, a vintage Persian carpet added elegance along with live palm trees, antique steamer trunks as cocktail tables, and a mahogany sofa table for old world charm.

To complete the speakeasy theme, a jail photo-op was on display to rile-up guests!

Every piece of decor for this event came strait from our warehouse and was expertly assembled by our creative production team.