Friday, December 12, 2014

A Tropical Holiday

The largest event of the season was a family oriented tropical holiday extravganza! Five rooms and several hallway spaces were transformed into tiki and beach party profection!

The Tiki Entry and Tropical Hallways
As guests entered the event, they were greeted by a delightful and festive tropical atmosphere! A large tiki hut vignette was built across the entrance hallway. Colorful parrots, palm trees, ferns, grasses, jute, tiki torches, and nautical paraphernalia accented the sides. The hallways were dotted with festive honey-comb decorations on the ceiling along with lots of photo opportunities. A massive life guard seat looked over the hall lined in colorful cafe seating.

Under the Sea
The largest room was Under The Sea themed with a magical seaweed entrance! The dynamic archway was be adorned with over-sized clam shells, coral, fishnet, and a massive 7 ft long shark hiding in the seaweed! Two rippling water effect machines illuminated the hall. The room itself was draped ceiling high in blue satin drapery with three underwater backdrops. A seaweed mermaid photo-op was set inside the room for guests.

Caribbean Pirates
Arrrr! A not-too-scary pirate room was filled with gold coins and fun! Guests entered the room through an opulent burgundy brocade archway between two columns. Tassels, gold balustrades, perched parrots, and treasure, and a large flag enticed guests inside pirate territory! The room was striped in brown and black satin drapery with three pirate backdrops. A captains quarters photo-op was located in the hallway.

Mermaid Cove
Mermaid Cove was designed for the youngest of guests with a "waterfall" entry arch of holographic water-drop curtails. The sides of the entry were be filled with oversized seashells, seaweed, and a hand-painted "Mermaid Cove" sign. Once inside guests found a tropical paradise of lush greenery and cascading waterfalls. Setting the scene, from behind, is a 20ft. backdrop, while the foreground had an abundance of seashells tucked into a scattering of netting around a mermaid!

Tiki Bar
Two enormous 9 ft tall tiki standees marked the entrance of the Tiki Lounge for thirsty guests. Inside, a hand painted up-lit retro backdrop of tropical foliage set the mood. Refreshments were served from a vintage bamboo bar with a 9 ft wide thatch tiki umbrella overhead! Tables in the room were dressed in festive retro tiki linens in hues of brown with coconut centerpieces.

Teen Been Party
Inspired by Teen Beach Movie, this room was for the "big kids." A glowing arcade room with bright uplighting and a paper lantern ceiling treatment. Beach scene backdrops

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Festive Holiday Tradeshow & Mixer

This annual holiday trade show and mixer for Saturn Barter was perhaps the most festive and Christmasy design of the season! December is our company's busiest month of the year, yet oddly enough, our clients rarely ask for traditional decor.

This event was warm and inviting to guest with a rich color pallet of cardinal red and forest greens with pops of gold. Nestled in a faux forest, the 32ft stage was dressed in brocade and burgundy satin drapery. Victorian lamp posts stood to the sides while garland and holiday wreaths accented the stage.

The dining tables were adorned with gilt candlesticks, topiary spheres, evergreen boughs accented with cherry red spheres heralding the holiday season. The smaller cocktail tables were decorated with centerpieces of Crimson mosaic candle holders, evergreen boughs accented with cherry red spheres.

The PJ Hummel & Company trade show booth was inspired by old Hollywood Glamour with a color pallet of platinum and champagne with sterling accents. Two swarovski crystal tufted moon chairs created a lounge near industrial inspired podiums. Ornate silver candelabras dotted the landscape with LED pillar candles. Champagne and silver satin drapery was pulled back to reveal diamond beaded drapery, while a 14 ft tall metal tree displayed crystal chandeliers.