Monday, March 26, 2012

Gator Gala

This weekend we went bold & vibrant for the Gator Gala! They chose a circus theme this year with artwork in red, peacock blue, purple, and gold - perfect for our exclusive collection of drape! We made the foyer a "tent" with delicate pullbacks for doorways. A vintage painted drapery backdrop hung in the ballroom and was pulled through the doorway to the foyer creating a whimsical tunnel entry into the ballroom.

The Ballroom was striped in red, purple, gold and blue satin drape. A dazzling ten foot round gilded chandelier with cascading tufted organza was the main focal point in the space. We created playful gold canopies over the auction tables to carry the tent motif throughout the night. Table decor and centerpieces alternated between two fanciful looks. Half of the tables were adorned in gold crochet linens over red underlays with 3' tall vases topped with back ostrich feather plums. The rest had red duchess satin linens with art-glass (part of the silent auction) displayed on our new light boxes! The light boxes are sleek and blend into any table design while showcasing art-glass flawlessly in low event lighting!

To complete the circus them, a human element was added to entertain guests. Two performers danced & decorated cupcakes for their audience while also selling raffle tickets.

Once again we have all of King Dahl's essentials for event design:
• A memorable entry treatment
• Focal Points
• Interesting use of lighting (look at the chandelier!)
• A human element
• & Great food!

The Tented Foyer

The Dramatic Entry into the Ballroom

The Ballroom!

The Human Element

The Foyer as guest ended their evening

Friday, March 23, 2012

Four Corners

We are often asked to design events that cater to attendees who come from all over the world. This particular event was a party at the end of an international conference. We featured a Rio Carnival theme with a dramatic tropical arch and a gold glow bar, a NY Martini dance lounge, an Irish Pub with grass centerpieces, and a colorful Bollywood lounge with our kickback furniture.

This event is a great example of King Dahl's essentials for good event design:
• Focal Points
• A human element (The entertainment! Performers not pictured...)
• Good food (Thanks to the Grand Hyatt's team!)
• Interesting use of lighting
• & Entry treatments!
Rio Carnival

NY Martini Lounge

Irish Pub

Bollywood Lounge

Thank you to CRG for another great project!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cascadia 2012 Gala

The much anticipated "Night at the Museum Gala" happened last week at Cascadia 2012, and what a magical night! You may recall this post - bonus points if you followed the Cascadia Blog & found this guest post by us as well! In planning this particular gala, PJ wanted to make it something guests had never seen or experienced before. A progressive scene-changing event was one part, entertainment was another; and when you put it all together guests will remember this night as a once in a lifetime experience!

There wasn't just one room for the gala, there were EIGHT environments guests found themselves adventuring through. Yes, it really was a museum! The fun comes from our story of why the museum was so magical:

“As the story goes, an Egyptian tomb was discovered and brought to Tacoma to showcase the curiosity of this ancient world. In doing so, the excavators and moving team have stirred up much more trouble than they had bargained for! The mummies have been disturbed, and a crate has been tipped over – unleashing a ghostly spell on the rest of the museum!”

Guests found themselves going through The Hidden Art Gallery, The Hall of Statues, The Ancient Rome Collection, The Lewis & Clark Expedition, The Wild Wild West Collection, The Hall of the Exotic Jungle, & finally ended the evening with A Naughty Night on the Nile!

Attendees came in costumes because they were part of the museum as well! Teddy Roosevelt was our official tour guide; why shouldn’t he have guided Amelia Earhart around?

To start the Gala, we produced a special program with a map and the itinerary to remind attendees to keep moving! As a progressive gala, rooms opened and closed throughout the evening.

The Hall of Statues

The Ancient Rome Collection

The Lewis & Clark Expedition

The Wild Wild West Collection

The Hall of the Exotic Jungle

A Naughty Night on the Nile!

Find more pictures on our Facebook
& on Alan Alabastro's Site

A big shout out to all other sponsors of the event - it was a great night! PSAV Presentation Services, Hotel Murano, Tacoma School of the Arts, Adam's DJ Service, Ace Of Illusions - Nate Jester, Tulalip Resort Casino, Team Casino Parties & Music, and of course the Tacoma Regional Convention + Visitor Bureau!!!