Monday, March 26, 2012

Gator Gala

This weekend we went bold & vibrant for the Gator Gala! They chose a circus theme this year with artwork in red, peacock blue, purple, and gold - perfect for our exclusive collection of drape! We made the foyer a "tent" with delicate pullbacks for doorways. A vintage painted drapery backdrop hung in the ballroom and was pulled through the doorway to the foyer creating a whimsical tunnel entry into the ballroom.

The Ballroom was striped in red, purple, gold and blue satin drape. A dazzling ten foot round gilded chandelier with cascading tufted organza was the main focal point in the space. We created playful gold canopies over the auction tables to carry the tent motif throughout the night. Table decor and centerpieces alternated between two fanciful looks. Half of the tables were adorned in gold crochet linens over red underlays with 3' tall vases topped with back ostrich feather plums. The rest had red duchess satin linens with art-glass (part of the silent auction) displayed on our new light boxes! The light boxes are sleek and blend into any table design while showcasing art-glass flawlessly in low event lighting!

To complete the circus them, a human element was added to entertain guests. Two performers danced & decorated cupcakes for their audience while also selling raffle tickets.

Once again we have all of King Dahl's essentials for event design:
• A memorable entry treatment
• Focal Points
• Interesting use of lighting (look at the chandelier!)
• A human element
• & Great food!

The Tented Foyer

The Dramatic Entry into the Ballroom

The Ballroom!

The Human Element

The Foyer as guest ended their evening

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  1. That's what we call room transformation!!! This was a challenging, yet very fun project to work on. I am always learning something new on set with PJ Hummel & Company...this weekend it was how to create a tent-like structure in a school foyer and gymnasium! Creative solutions is what it's all about:)