Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vagabond Dreams

A look-book shot in the tidelands just outside our our warehouse.

Vagabond Dreams is a 1930's vintage inspired destination honeymoon retreat. A mystery location our bride has been taken to, perhaps in Australia. With a bouquet of succulents still in hand, and a leaf crown on her head - she seems to have just finished with a wedding & is now awaiting her groom's arrival. The campsite is lush, and full of all the amenities you could dream of to escape the sweltering sun, trunks of linens, curiosities, and of course tea. Fine Persian rugs line the ground inside and out of the grand canvas tent. This isn't camping as most people know it, this site is all about opulence in the wilderness.

Every aspect of this shoot, decor, floral, and vintage wardrobe, came straight out of the PJ Hummel & Company warehouse. This is only a small sampling of our many collections.

Vagabond Dream
photos by: Anastassia Nelson
model: Janina Phyllis Veronika
styling, design & decor: PJ Hummel & Company

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zoobilee 2012

PJ Hummel's first introduction to the industry of special events was Zoobilee for the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in 1994. Prior to that she was in the visual merchandising business designing store window display & apparel trade-shows. A friend asked her to help with a fundraiser, and offered her a chance to do something different. Fast forward 17 years and PJ Hummel and Company is still running strong - leading event design innovation in the Pacific Northwest!

This year we returned to the Zoobilee team and designed a wave inspired stage treatment to go with this years aquatic theme, Catch The Next Wave. We used seafoam iridescent sheer drapes over a bright blue to make the stage pop when lit. One challenge to event design in a tent is that that walls are only eight feet tall... not much to work with. We decided to go with a canopy effect and rigged the drape from a higher support beam & tucked it back to the wall at 8'. The result was an elegant tidal wave, perfect for the evening! We also set a couple fun underwater seaweed photo-ops for guest to find throughout the evening.

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Furniture Catalog!

The new adorable is here!We have two new lines to showcase including the Outdoor Oasis Lounge Set, that's right, time to take your event outside! Download your copy on our website and get inspired!

Click HERE to go to our website and download your very own copy!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Drape Collection Catalog

Today we launched our new DRAPE COLLECTION CATALOG on our website (finally!)! 30 colors and fabrics! Here's a sneak preview, you can download the PDF on the website HERE

Expect another amazing catalog tool for your convenience tomorrow!

Our freestanding pipe & drape is our top selling design element, and our favorite way to transform an event space! With it we are capable of completely transforming a room by covering all walls, or we can create elegant entry arches, make whimsical canopies, and provide awesome stage backgrounds. PJ Hummel & Company currently offers over 30 colors & fabrics of 20’ high flame-retardant drape! We are well known for our quality satin fabrics in an array of colors. Satin is perfect from cooperate events to social celebrations because it holds and reflects light so beautifully, perfect for event photography! We also have a selection of iridescent sheer drapes, organic muslin, majestic patterned, diamond beaded, & holographic drape.