Friday, November 7, 2014

Peter Pan Returns

Peter Pan returned to the MS campus last week for a Halloween in an interactive multi-room event!

The Darling's Bedroom
Guests first caught a gimps into the Darling's bedroom where Wendy both greeted then and warned them of pirates!

You Can Fly!
Next guests joined Tinkerbell high in the London sky in a cloud inspired room! A London backdrop lined half the room with a 6 ft tall moon chair photo-op. Cloud gobos and massive 3 ft balloons finished the effect! A delightful room for children and their grown-up companions to navigate.

Island of the Lost Boys
Peter Pan himself waited for guests in the Neverland/Lost Boys room! A jungle scene on one side with the makings of the Lost Boy's tree house. And the Mermaid Lagoon on the other side where guests could pose as a mermaid!

The Jolly Roger
Captain Hook's room was equal parts opulent and rough-cut! Guests got a look into his personal quarters (and treasure!) on one side, and could hang-out with Tick Tock on the other in a nautical scene!