Thursday, January 24, 2013

How-To: Matching Your Event To Your Branding

These days, graphic design and event design have a marriage with each-other that is stronger than ever. When a group sends out invites or launches a website for their event, it only adds to the experience when the actual event matches seamlessly to established materials. It makes the presenting group look composed and consistent.

Here is an example of a diamond themed New Year’s affair that launched their website early for ticket-buyers. Their branding was modern and glamorous in dark purples and blues. When designing the event, dramatic lighting was a must, and choosing d├ęcor that shinned in the lighting was essential. We designed with silver glitter trees (that shine beautifully in event lighting) and diamond beaded drapery accent walls.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Seattle Wedding Show 2013

PJ Hummel & Co. produced four booths this year at the Seattle Wedding Show including: The PJ Hummel Persian Jewel Box, a Nautical display For AOF and Roche Harbor, Glam Camping for Seattle Met Bride and Groom, and a white lounge for The Wedding DJs on the Sky Bridge.

PJ Hummel Jewel Box

Glam Camping for Seattle Met Bride & Groom Magazine
Techy for The Wedding DJ