Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Peter Pan Halloween Installation

As Halloween nears this season, we installed one of our favorite installations of the year! Last year it was a Vagabond Swamps for Halloween, this year it is Peter Pan with all the pirates, lost boys, mermaids, and fairies one building can handle! This festive installation stays up for just shy of a month and takes over seven areas throughout a corporate conference center and food-court. It is always designed to stimulate the working atmosphere, but also encourage employees to bring their family's back to visit.

The story of Peter Pan is told through different episodes that run through the long building, starting with Neverland! As seen from above, the island of Neverland has erupted in the middle of the reception area! Amongst the pages of three gigantic, 5’ to 8’ tall Peter Pan story books is a vignette depicting the home & playground of Cap’n Hook, Peter Pan, and the lost boys. Centered on and around a mountain of forested terrain, the props included pirate skeletons-still guarding their treasure chest of booty, lost boys’ lanterns, seashells and lovely glass baubles from the Mermaid’s lagoon.

The Darlings Bedroom in London
Under the first stairwell, visitors steal a look through the Darling’s bedroom window, where we discover a scrolled letter skewered with a pirate’s sword - Wendy, Michael and John have been taken by Captain Hook! The blanket fort still stands, as though they were huddled under, reading a story, just moments ago. Next to the over-stuffed occasional chair, we see the sewing kit Wendy used to reattach Peter’s shadow and the cabinet, where Tinkerbell’s glow flows out softly, from the slightly ajar nightstand drawer.

Evidence of Captain Hook’s visit can be found in the decoration of the stair banister. The Darling’s lace curtains have been left in shreds by Hook’s rowdy band of pirates! Tattered strips of lace wrap around and hang from the stair railings.

Tinkerbell’s Route Through the Neverland Forest
As guests stroll down the hallway under leaf canopies, Tinkerbell flutters about the branches and around the lanterns. Three 7 ft. faux trees with gatherings of ferns and greenery at their bases are placed along the hallway. While twinkling fairy lights wind through four leaf canopies with branches and lanterns suspended overhead.

Aboard the Jolly Roger
At the base of the steps to the On Stage area, visitors will get their first glimpse of Tic Toc, the alligator. From this prime position, just below Cap’n Hook’s quarters, he can continually taunt Hook with the ticking of his previous lucky snack!

We are treated to the splendor of Captain Hook’s private quarters aboard the Jolly Roger. Against a gilt wainscot and gold tasseled burgundy brocade drapery sits Captain Hook’s personal effects. As he’s momentarily stepped out, on deck, to locate the source of that infernal TICKING… We spy his over-flowing treasure chest and steal a glance at the treasure map his been studying.

The Lost Boys Hideout!
Hidden under the midway set of stairs, visitors will discover the Lost Boys’ hide-out! Among the lush foliage background of ivy and bamboo, we find barrels made into tables, lanterns, weapons at the ready for fighting pirates, plenty of furs to keep them warm at night and a rope ladder for quick get-a-ways.

The stairway hand railing is camouflaged in natural jute netting, forest vines and held in place with strips of faux animal fur.

Mermaid's Lagoon
Mermaid’s Lagoon is a tropical paradise of lush greenery and cascading waterfalls. Guests may sit upon faux rocks under large Palm trees for a photo op. Setting the scene, from behind, is a 20ft. backdrop, while the foreground has an abundance of seashells and glass sea floats tucked into a scattering of netting. Blue light up-lighting & falling water washes over the white satin drape and holographic water-drop curtain to create a water fall effect.

The Jolly Roger
Ahoy matey!! The Jolly Roger has dropped anchor under the third stairway. Nestled in a sea of blue lit satin, rests the Jolly Roger. A collection of nautical gatherings; pilings, crab pots, bottles, buckets and crates mark the dock entrance.

Decorating the above handrail is billows of tattered muslin sails wrapped natural rope.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

NW Event show '13 part 2: Exotic Oasis Lounge

The second side of the PJ Hummel booth at the Northwest Event Show took attendees to totally different place – while maintaining a similar color pallet to the Steam Punk side. This side was our Exotic Oasis Lounge! We invited guests to join us under a sheer bronze and burgundy canopy with Moroccan lanterns. Three mendi painted gourd lamps were the focal point once inside with four rattan twirl benches and beaded accent pillows. The back-wall was done in heavy burgundy brocade drapery with bamboo screen walls. We also showcased some of our new linens on the cocktail tables to the sides.