Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bonza Bash Masquerade Halloween 2012

One last Halloween event for the year, this was a masquerade Halloween event by Bonza Bash that we gave a spidery steam-punk look to! Located in Eliot Hall of Bell Harbor, Bonza Bash wanted to emphasize the industrial look of the venue - and we added in the Victorian masquerade touch! The VIP Lounge became the Spider Den with gobos of spiders webs shot on silver ball-baring drape - creating a dewy enchanted look! Iridescent red drapery, shimmering crimson linens, dramatic lighting, and LOTS of spiders transformed the cavernous venue into a Halloween delight!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Swamp Full of Gypsies!

It's Halloween season & we are all about swamps and gypsies! Here is an installation we completed over the weekend. We took over an entire building and transformed it into a swamp with a band of ghostly gypsies who have crawled out from the deep depths of the swap forest to gather for a bit of a family reunion! Mischief, magic, gators & snakes!

Several gypsy caravan camps were set throughout the building, accented with exotic textiles, musical instruments, chickens, vintage trunks & barrels, spices, clothes lines & wash tubs!

Stairwells were completely "swampified" with long tattered greenery, moss ribbons, spying crows and owls, and spooky vignettes. Each of the three main stairwells had a swamp scene underneath full of curiosities. Two gypsy souls playing with a Ouija board & tarot cards, the swamp grave yard, and the alligator's layer! Spooky twisted branches also lined the halls with dozens of soaring crows!

Lastly, a grand swamp photo-op was set for guests to get in on the action!. An antique mirror frame was surrounded by trunks, birds, gypsy magic, and another gator!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Northwest Event Show 2012

Trade-show season is upon us once again - and to match our new marketing campaign, PJ Hummel & Co. brought glam camping to the Washington State Convention Center!

Set in front of 20' high soft blue dupioni drapery (to represent a beautiful sunny day!), we pitched our canvas tent! Persian rugs lined the ground, and fun northwest inspired odds and ends filled the booth.

We love designing our own trade-show booths because it's a great way to show off how "kit booths" don't have to be the norm. Textiles are often perceived as more approachable vs. flat foldout signage.

We also designed the Attendee Lounge for the show this year that conveniently doubled as a charging station. How many times have you had a dead cell-phone while out and about? This booth was done in show colors, and was an all around hit!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Microsoft's Visual Studio Launch

Last month we transformed Bell Harbor's Eliot Hall (a cruse ship terminal)into a purple wonderland for the launch of Microsoft's Visual Studio! The branded event carried purple through the entire venue, from the custom purple carpeting, miles of purple satin draping, purple seating, and purple floral!

We found this post from an attendee that we think sums up the purpleness of the event pretty well!

At the event we debuted our new Grey Velvet Tufted seating line. Modern, sophisticated, and comfy enough to fit into any space. Together the pieces can be arranged in a variety of formations to create truly unique & beautiful lounges. Their grey hue is amazingly versatile and easily be warmed-up or cooled-down with accent pillows.