Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays friends! This year has been a whirlwind, one of the best in our company's history, and we would like to thank all of you from the bottom of our tacky sweaters. We are grateful for our "handy" team, and the magic & creativity they bring every single day.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Willy Wonka Holiday

A Willy Wonka holiday party featuring The Chocolate Lounge, and a magnificent Wonka Ballroom! We went for a sultry dark color pallet when designing this event. Rich velvets and metallic gold around every turn!


The chocolate archway into the Chocolate Lounge, the first stop for guests at this Willy Wonka themed holiday gala. With a purple runner and over-sized poppies and mushrooms, guests knew they were in for a treat!

The Chocolate Lounge was draped floor to ceiling in brown satin, and jazzed up with chocolate crush linens, chocolate bars, a stunning backdrop of Willy Wonka's candy garden, and velvet lounges!

The Chocolate Lounge featured two seating areas with a delicious mix of velvet and purple leather shag rugs.

Mercury glass votives were embellished with bright green moss and cinnamon candies in the Chocolate Lounge.

Two mahogany bars serves chocolate specialty cocktails in front of a grand backdrop of Wonka's candy garden.

Over-sized mushrooms added a touch of whimsy to each vignette.

An iridescent burgundy sheer wall teased guests during the cocktail hour before they could enter the main ballroom.

The main ballroom was a show stopper with metallic GOLD chair-covers, candy centerpieces, royal purple walls, and lush accents of crimson.

Gold chair-covers fit for Wonka royalty, and metal tree candelabras with hanging votives and candy garland.

The stage was striped in red, chocolate brown, and purple.

Yarn-ball candy topiarys embellished half the the dinning tables with a lovely accent of green!

Yes there were Golden Tickets too! In-house we custom designed these delightful programs and had them printed on metallic gold paper!

A purple candy garden photo-op sat just outside the event!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

Here is a board-game themed annual holiday event we tackled over the weekend. Every year we take over an entire conference center to create this ultimate holiday extravaganza! This year the spaces included Monopoly halls, Candy Land, Clue, Story Land, Park Games, and an arcade.... just to name a few.

Scroll down and check out each unique area and some of our notes!

Monopoly halls with custom floor decals and money garland!
And of course there was a "go to jail" photo-op!

The largest room was Candy Land! With a custom entry archway, candy-striped walls,
candy backdrops, and a massive candy ceiling treatment... what kid wouldn't drool?!

The board-game Clue came alive with this conference room transformed into a mansion.
Gilded candle sticks, mahogany bars, a royal dance hall, the arboretum,
a library, and suspicious characters made sure every guest was involved!

Story Land pops up every year for the smallest of the guests, and this year was no disappointment!
Pajama striped walls and a crescent moon shaped chair created the perfect whimsical environment!

A clam and mellow moment could be found in the Park Games room.
With specialty cocktails and smooth classical guitar, adults rejoiced!

Teens had their every own flashy arcade to retreat to with all the video games they ever desired!
Holographic drapes, lazer lighting, glow orb centerpieces, and pops of color made sure everyone stayed awake!