Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zoobilee 2012

PJ Hummel's first introduction to the industry of special events was Zoobilee for the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in 1994. Prior to that she was in the visual merchandising business designing store window display & apparel trade-shows. A friend asked her to help with a fundraiser, and offered her a chance to do something different. Fast forward 17 years and PJ Hummel and Company is still running strong - leading event design innovation in the Pacific Northwest!

This year we returned to the Zoobilee team and designed a wave inspired stage treatment to go with this years aquatic theme, Catch The Next Wave. We used seafoam iridescent sheer drapes over a bright blue to make the stage pop when lit. One challenge to event design in a tent is that that walls are only eight feet tall... not much to work with. We decided to go with a canopy effect and rigged the drape from a higher support beam & tucked it back to the wall at 8'. The result was an elegant tidal wave, perfect for the evening! We also set a couple fun underwater seaweed photo-ops for guest to find throughout the evening.

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