Friday, March 23, 2012

Four Corners

We are often asked to design events that cater to attendees who come from all over the world. This particular event was a party at the end of an international conference. We featured a Rio Carnival theme with a dramatic tropical arch and a gold glow bar, a NY Martini dance lounge, an Irish Pub with grass centerpieces, and a colorful Bollywood lounge with our kickback furniture.

This event is a great example of King Dahl's essentials for good event design:
• Focal Points
• A human element (The entertainment! Performers not pictured...)
• Good food (Thanks to the Grand Hyatt's team!)
• Interesting use of lighting
• & Entry treatments!
Rio Carnival

NY Martini Lounge

Irish Pub

Bollywood Lounge

Thank you to CRG for another great project!

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