Friday, September 2, 2011

PJ Hummel at PAX 2011

Good Old.... Grannies!

This past weekend PJ Hummel & Company could be found at PAX Prime 2011, helping out with booth design for the folks at Good Old Games. This was certainly one of the most unique booths at the expo. While everyone else was trying to catch gamers’ eyes with the flashiest new technology and gigantic sculptures of game villains swooping down from the ceiling, GOG took a slightly different approach. They took inspiration from the past, we all remember those days, sitting in our family’s basement, gaming in solitude for hours on end, while grandma sat upstairs baking cookies and wishing we would come out and say “hi” sometime before the sun went down. You know this was you at one point. Well, you would have felt right at home at GOG’s booth at PAX Prime.

PJ Hummel designs granny's living room! :) We even won Best Booth Babe Costume at PAX... & The Stranger even mentioned it! Congrats to GOG for their success this year!

And the Award for Best Booth Babe Costume at PAX Goes To …!!!

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