Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two Flavors at Fremont Studios

This is one of our favorite events of the 2011 holiday season! It was the marriage of two very different concepts that made for one magical night.

A Winter Dream Circus was the first stop for guests with aerialists pouring drinks from the ceiling and a forest of silver glitter trees! The entire room was lit in blue to accent the white decor. Ostrich feather bouquets topped three foot tall glass vases to highlighted the room's buffets. Two bar stations consisted of our glow bars with white satin and beaded drape backdrops, and a moon chair photo-op was set up for guests to remember the night!

Trading cold hues for a warm and vibrant color pallet, guests would next find themselves in a strikingly different Exotic Moroccan Escape. We utilized Fremont Studios architecture and created a lounge under an elegant triple canopy with metal lanterns suspended from it. Our Kick-back line of furniture sat on vintage Persian rugs and ethnic throw pillows were tossed every where! The white curved wall was lit in a bright fuchsia that accented the other side of the room which was striped in blueberry, plum, and gold satin drape. Tables were dressed in our copper crush linens and umbrella centerpieces topped every surface.

So much detail and time went into this event! We thank CRG Events for including us on their team, and Fremont Studios for providing the lighting and making our decor look fabulous!

Winter Dream Circus

Exotic Moroccan Escape

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  1. Thank you PJ and team for creating such a beautiful party for my guests! Erika Heesacker, Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation