Monday, January 9, 2012

The Seattle Wedding Show 2012

Whew! We had an action packed weekend at our very first Seattle Wedding Show. We created an Indian inspired mandap look. One of our customers remarked, “now I know what the inside of I Dream of Genie’s bottle looks like!” We we’re expecting the show to be very white & colorless so we chose to be bold. We opted a eye-popping pallet of berry pink, shimmering tangerine orange, with metallic gold and vintage rust accents. Our choices paid off, no one else in the show was even remotely similar to our booth.

This year, we collaborated & combined booths with Art of Floral so that we could create one cohesive showcase of our specialties. AOF created elaborate tropical arrangements which crowned our “Big Mama” candelabras, as well as exotic pillar arrangements for the outside entries of the booth.

The highlight of our booth were our diamond tufted gold thrones and our new gold crochet sequin linens. Metallic’s are one of our favorite trends of the new year. We mixed the sparkly new with the vintage character of antique Persian rugs, rusted topiaries & lanterns.

Our multilayer booth consisted of a pink satin backdrops embellished with diamond beaded drapes and shimmering orange swagging. An illumines canopy of more orange sheer drape accented with golden tassels topped our opulent display and created a soothing place to rest your eyes from the expo hall’s fluorescent lighting.

We love tradeshows because they allow us to showcase our favorite new ideas and designs, and this show was no disappointment. We were overwhelmed by positive responses from friends old and new. We can hardly wait to see what new projects this opulent showcase will bring us.

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