Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Struck, A Select Wedding Show

This weekend was Love Struck, A Select Wedding Show! PJ Hummel & Company took it on as the designers of the show, and the event was truly stunning! Instead of 8' tall banjo cloth stalls at normal trade shows, we made our walls 16' tall with white satin drape - and the room was filled with gorgeous canopies! Under the canopies, vendors could be found along with an attendee lounge with our kick-back line of furniture, vintage Persian rugs and rustic charm. We provided the stage treatment in our new blueberry satin drape along with black spandex chair covers with peacock ties. Out in the foyer we embellished the space with over-sized birdcages (to match the logo of the show!) and provided a "Grooms Lounge" with our brown leather furniture.

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