Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bollywood Gala!

Every year Annie Wright School comes up with an elaborate theme for their annual Gator Gala, and this past March we were all about Bollywood!

The foyer was an enchanting box-office with festoon and lantern lighting, painted star backdrops and colorful drapery.

The ballroom was covered floor to ceiling in vibrant purple drapery with lush pull backs revealing another color framed in festoon lighting. A custom three tier chandelier was constructed with 30 large cloth Indian lanterns that dazzled as the focal point of the room! Each seat was fitted with a metallic GOLD cover and embellished with embroidered ties. Every other table had a centerpiece of Indian Glass lanterns on a mirror tray with loose floral and tea lights. The other tables had light-boxes showcasing auction glass.

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