Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Hoe Down for the Holidays!

For this annual holiday event, we took over an entire conference center on campus. Seven areas were transformed into a family friendly western Hoe Down theme! Guests entered to a Camp-Out, and found their way through the County Fair, grabbed some BBQ in the Barn Dance, played cards in The Saloon, little ones colored in the children's Cowpoke Roundup, snapped a shot with a Covered Wagon photo-op, and lastly got their game on in the Abandoned Gold Mine Arcade!

Camp-Out Entry
A 10’ tall by 15’ deep real canvas tent welcomed guests first thing as they entered the Hoe Down event. The tent was open on both ends for guests to walk through. Sections of split-rail fencing, barrels, wagon wheels, a life-size sheep and other western décor embellished the camp-out!

The Country Road
The hallways were transformed into a good ol' country road that took guests from one destination to another. Smaller vignettes with life-size cutouts of cows and horses behind hay-bales & more split-rail fencing lined the halls. Lots of antique pieces such as Stetson hats and handkerchiefs gave the entire event an authentic look. A covered wagon was on display as the ultimate western photo-op! It featured a roaring fire pit, and everything a pioneer would need out on the trail!

Country Fair
A festive Country Fair hoopla was carrying on during the event in one of the larger rooms. Patriotic bunting greeted guests in a grand archway, while the massive room was completely draped in stripes of red, white, and blue! A folk band preformed in front of an old red barn backdrop, and buffets and activities could be found in front of a a backdrop of fair rides! Pennant flags covered the ceiling, and an antique arcade riding horse was on display for smaller kids to enjoy.

Honky Tonk Barn Dance
A hard-set wooden barn facade with a hitch-up horse invited guests to enter the Honky Tonk Barn Dance! The room was fully draped in brown satin with backdrops of barn interiors on each far end. The room was kept dark, setting the mood for classic BBQ and dancing! Festoon lighting lit up the dance floor where guests could learn all sorts of moves from instructors.

Cowpoke Roundup
Little ones entered past a white picket fence and mail box to a bustling farm backdrop giving the feeling of a sunny day down on the ranch. A small red barn facade and happy little chickens set a playful environment for children to color and play on the green lawn.

Wagon Wheel Saloon
Catering to an older crowd, the Wagon Wheel Saloon was open for business! Out front guests entered the Saloon through a set of wild west swinging saloon doors held in place by a pair of cedar plank panels. Antique rocking chairs on "the porch" invited folks to kick back and relax. Inside, a hand painted up-lit backdrop of a saloon interior and felt poker table toppers set the mood.

Abandoned Gold Mine Arcade
For the teens, an Abandoned Gold Mine was the cool place to be... complete with a full arcade! Passing by old mining carts & wagon wheels, teens entered the abandoned old western gold mine town! The entry was decorated with boulders, tumbleweeds, old dynamite boxes, and of course… a few large lumps of GOLD! As you first entered the room, you were in the abandoned town with a 40’ wide backdrop. The side walls of the town arcade were draped in shinny black satin and up-lit with gold LED lighting. The far end of the room was the gold mine with another 40’ wide backdrop. Bags of Gold Mine bubble gum even embellished the tables!

And on the way out...
Exiting the event the same way they came in through the camp-out tent tunnel, guests were in for another laugh with a subtle cow derrière, happy holidays!

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