Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Emerald City!

Today we're revisiting St. Joes Auction from last year. This is the event we won an Emerald City Applause Award (how fitting!...) for Best Industry Organization Team Effort Budget $25,001-$100,000. A combination of Hollywood Lighting, Blue Danube Productions, & PJ Hummel & Company transformed St. Joesph School's auditorium intro a magical Wizard of Oz Fantasy world for their annual fundraiser!

We created the delightful entry with our iridescent green drape and our over-sized red poppies. The lighting was spectacular with the school's architecture, beautiful entrance inside & out!

Inside the ballroom, we lined the walls with our 20' high white satin drape, which was then uplit in green - furthering the Emerald City theme. We also designed two 12' long diamond chandeliers with crystal orbs suspended inside, and lined with lush white feathers!

Thank you David Wentworth Photography for these wonderful shots!

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