Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Light Box Centerpieces

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we certainly see our fair share of art glass, it's everywhere! Not to mention Tacoma born Dale Chihuly. So naturally many auctions, fundraisers, and social events use art glass as centerpieces.

While glass centerpieces are beautiful, the common complaint is that they disappear on tables in event lighting. The vibrant colors are muted, and the pieces are forgotten about.

Let us share our solution, and the newest addition to our centerpiece collection, our Light Boxes! These 12" square boxes have a 4.25" platform to raise and illuminate any glass piece. The boxes themselves are clean & simple black. They blend into any setting while the tops glow to perfectly showoff the artwork placed on top.

Only at PJ Hummel & Company, think about Light Boxes for your next event!

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