Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Styles!

New styles arrive at our warehouse every month, but we think it's valuable for our partners to see what's new and get inspired too!

First, these Industrial Steam Punk cocktail sets with wooden stools and metal tables (no linens required!).
Second, our Ultra Lounge white chaise couch paired with chrome cube trios with a Moroccan cutout detail.
Here's a new way to color brand your event and have a blast!
Bean bags aren’t just for the kids, they’re everyone’s friend! Our sacks are over-sized and the pinnacle of comfort in a laid-back environment. They can be positioned upright and sat in like a chair, or laid flat to cushion your rump from the floor. They can be sophisticated & modern - or silly and fun, whatever your guests are up for! (available in metallic gold, silver, bronze, and titanium, and in turquoise, orange, purple, and green!) Pair them with these colorful distressed metal tables and you've got a fun edgy look!
We now have 40 soft natural burlap style 132"R linens in stock!
We love this look paired with our copper crush linens, how Autumn is that?!

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