Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tacoma Goodwill Dream Maker Celebration

Every year the Tacoma Goodwill holds an event to thank and celebrate their Dream Makers for their generous donations. Students of the Goodwill’s programs share their encouraging stories, and the Dream Makers are treated to a special evening. This year it was held at the Foss Waterway Seaport Museum. We embellished the event with a nautical flair in a pallet of pacific blue and accents of orange.

A canopy was added to the cavernous space was a warm and welcoming entry. Iridescent sea-foam blue drapery was embellished with Japanese glass floats and netting at the top, and propped with nautical grass and pier pilings at the base.

Loose cymbidium orchids and shells added a whimsical touch to the registration tables, buffets and bar.

The stage was done in iridescent sea-foam blue drapery with a water projection machine that gave the stage a rippling water effect. The front of the stage was propped in vintage crab pots instead of skirting. A clear podium was also used to continue the nautical theme.

Cocktail tables were dressed in burlap style linens and topped with a "tippy vase" filled with white river rocks and orange cymbidium orchids. The centerpieces sat on vintage fish-netting with shells and starfish at the base.

The sit-down tables had aquatic blue/green crush linens and a larger cymbidium orchid centerpieces in 10" bias-cut bowls. Like the smaller cocktail table centerpieces, they sat on vintage fish-netting with shells and starfish at the base.

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