Thursday, September 12, 2013

Theros Sneak Preview at PAX Prime 2013

In anticipation for the launch of Wizards of the Coast’s new Magic card came, Theros, the Showbox Market was transformed into the mythical world for a preview party extravaganza! Dramatic lighting, ethereal canopies decorated in weaponry, grass matting, twinkling vines, and rustic lanterns gave the familiar venue a whole new look!

From 1st Avenue, guests entered the venue to a rustic, vine wrapped muslin and jute archway. The arch was decorated with hanging iron lanterns and tall faux battle staffs lashed to the up-rights, and two 8 ft. tall rusted iron topiaries.

An up-lit, natural sheer, muslin & jute canopy with vines and swords, provided a fun gathering area for guests and, also, helped brighten the overall space by providing a bright surface for light reflection.

The mid bar terrace had two seating arrangements, each consisting of a rattan and canvas sofa with classic white pedestal occasional tables on straw rugs.

Grecian lounges with white leatherette chaise sofas accented with faux fur throws and décor pillows embellished the canopy covered VIP lounge. Lanterns were embellished with leather and swords for the scattered centerpieces in the VIP lounge.

Canopies were decorated with rustic iron lanterns that hung over head.

Dramatic lighting by Hollywood Lights - Seattle transitioned the room from dusk to night during the event.

The vines around the room twinkled off and on with fairy LED lights.

Small embellishments detailed each piece.

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